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Our Story

Founded in 2003 by broadband entrepreneur Steve Weed, WaveDivision Capital (WDC) is a private investment firm focused on the broadband industry.


Our goal is to bring better internet connections to more homes and businesses throughout North America. We do this by providing investment and expertise to help companies enhance their infrastructure and deliver next generation broadband products.

As a results-driven team with a proven track record, we seek ambitious and visionary partners with the drive to take their company to the next level.

Our leadership team's decades of hands-on experience rapidly growing broadband and telecom businesses will provide the guidance you need to:

  • accelerate your sub growth

  • expand your network

  • upgrade your system

  • increase your margins

  • facilitate complimentary operation acquisitions

  • position your company for sale


Whether seeking a direct investment, looking for a team to join your other investment partners, or seeking leadership to round out your board, WaveDivision Capital is the right choice.


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​​Portfolio of Investments

Our Team

steve square.png

Steve Weed


Founder and former CEO of Wave Broadband which grew to one of the largest broadband companies on the West coast, until its multi-billion dollar sale in 2018.

Life-long career in the internet, telecom, and cable sector, building successful companies -- both organically and through acquisitions -- that deliver high value to customers and investors.

harold square.png

Harold Zeitz

Managing Director

Former President and COO of Wave Broadband.


A former McCaw Cellular and AT&T Wireless executive with proven industry leadership leveraging operational expertise to drive measurable, strategic and tactical performance throughout an entire organization.

wayne square.png

Managing Director

Wayne Schattenkerk

Former CFO of Wave Broadband.

Business finance expert specializing in private equity and debt funding that protects the interest of shareholders while empowering company operations.


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